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THOUSANDS of Radio Channels - Listen to music while you work! Just click the "Radio" button and select any of the thousands of listings!
MORE, MUCH MORE - Music videos, spy cams, movie trailers, computer help, and more!

Preview of the high-definition "Watch TV on Your PC" interface


Runs directly on your PC, streams TV over the Internet!
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Absolutely NO RENEWAL FEES. One price is all your pay!
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Watch Over 2000 TV Channels
From Anywhere in the World - On YOUR PC!
Throw away your satellite and cable subscription service!

With "Watch TV On Your PC", you can receive THOUSANDS of leading TV channels from across the globe - all instantly streamed straight to your PC, in high-quality video.

You can tune into thousands of channels from across the USA and the UK, in addition to DOZENS of other countries. You can also receive on-demand TV shows and films, LIVE streaming radio and more.

Watch sport? Tune into all Premiership and Champions League matches - in addition to all European games, plus sports such as boxing, F1, WWE, Rally, basketball, cricket, baseball and more.

Want a preview? Just click the "Play" button on any of the two screens below to experience the quality of the channels. And remember, you can resize ANY channel to fill your entire screen!


Commonly Asked Questions...
Q. How EASY is this to use?

A. It can't get any easier! Just install the program we send you and you're finished. You could be watching your own favourite movies in just TWO MINUTES from now!
Q. How can I watch Pay-Per-View sports with this?

A. Many countries still don't charge for sport broadcasts that are charged on a per-view basis, especially by Sky in the UK. By streaming those international stations straight to your PC, you no longer have to pay through the nose for your Sky subscription!
Q. Are you SURE this is LEGAL?

A. Absolutely! You're doing nothing wrong. You're simply taking advantage of technology - and streaming content from across the globe, direct to your PC.
Q. Will I ever get charged any EXTRA for these channels?

A. No way! You only pay a one-off fee to download your copy of "Watch TV On Your PC". After that, everything is COMPLETELY FREE of charge!
Q. Will this work on my PC? How about my Mac?

A. "Watch TV On Your PC" will almost certainly work on your computer! So long as you're using a Windows PC or a Mac, then you're ready to go!
Q. And I don't need ANY extra hardware or anything special?

A. Correct! Just an Internet connection (and we know you have that!) and you're ready to go.
Q. I live in Europe. Will this work for me?

A. Yes! "Watch TV On Your PC" will work ANYWHERE in the world. We designed it specifically for the USA and UK, however it'll work perfectly well ANYWHERE in the world!


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Absolutely NO Recurring Monthly Fees - Unlike ALL of our competitors, you won't pay any more than your original purchase fee. No monthly fees, no hidden costs. Nothing. You just pay one price for life!

Cost: $14.95. Approximately 10.95 Euros.
We accept all credit cards and US/UK checks, plus you'll be given
the option to phone in your order if desired.

The trademarks and service marks are registered marks of their respective owners. Channel availability changes at times. If you would like to be removed from our directory, please contact us. This software does not hack, crack, or access satellite TV or any other paid TV service.

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